EchoLink on PI2SHB

27th of March 2016, after a few weeks of thinking how we can realise EchoLink on PI2SHB we now have a test setup !

The hardware we use for the test setup is :
– Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B)
– Homemade interface
– USB soundcard
– USB to RS232 serial converter
– 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi external antenna
– Kenwood TM-451E

The EchoLink controller software is SvxLink (made by SM0SVX in Sweden), and have a lot of features.

In the next few weeks we want to tweak the settings and hope to realise a 24/7 EchoLink connection on PI2SHB.

Below you see some pictures about our test setup.

Raspberry Pi 2 test

The Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B) with TNC-Pi and USB soundcard and Wi-Fi dongle.

Wi-Fi antenna test

The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi antenna.

Interface test

The homemade interface to connect the tranceiver with the controller.