New equipment for PI1SHB

22th of January 2016, we installed new equipment at PI1SHB, the APRS digipeater/IGate for ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
Replacing the radio’s for Motorola GM350 radio’s.
In the old setup we used a Kenwood TM-V7E (2m) and Kenwood TM-451E (70cm).
A second TNC-Pi was installed to replace the TNC2S-DK9SJ 70cm test setup.
All of the new equipment is installed in a new 3HE 19 inch case.

– 2x Motorola GM350 radio’s
– 2x TNC-Pi
– 12 volt power supply
– 12 volt to 5 volt power converter
– Raspberry Pi

At the moment there is a problem with the 70cm Motorola GM350, so we used temporarily a Kenwood TM-V7 for 70cm.
We hope to replace the 70cm Motorola GM350 soon.

PI1SHB 19 inch test


PI2SHB new frequency

28th of November 2015, we changed the frequency of PI2SHB, the analogue 70cm voice repeater for ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
To maintain and hold the licence we were told by the Dutch Telecom Agency to change the repeater frequency.
We’ve changed the frequency from 430.2375 MHz to 430.1750 MHz.
There for we had to overcome the problem of the x-tal based oscillator.
For the moment it runs on a PLL system, but soon it wil be replaced with a dedicated x-tal based LO.

Old Crystal


PI1SHB 2m APRS digipeater test setup

17th of January 2015, we installed a test setup with a Yaesu FT-209RII tranceiver and TNC2S-DK9SJ modem. The computer is a small Raspberry Pi with Aprx v2.08 software.
On the first view it works not bad, but when there’s a mobile station nearby the digipeater than it works bad. It looks like that the radio can’t handle stronger signals.
Below you can see a movie about the test setup.