PI1SHB is the 2m & 70cm APRS digipeater for the ‘s-Hertogenbosch region. Below you can find technical details about PI1SHB.

2m – PI1SHB 70cm – PI1SHB-2
Location Rosmalen Rosmalen
QTH Locator JO21qq JO21qq
Frequency 144.800 MHz 432.500 MHz
Tranceiver Kenwood TM-V7 Kenwood TM-V7
Power 13 dBW ERP 13 dBW ERP
Antenna Diamond X300N Diamond X300N
Polarisation Vertical Vertical
Direction Omni Omni
Gain 6.5 dBi on 144 MHz 9.0 dBi on 430 MHz
Height AGL 35 Meters 35 Meters
Height ASL 40 Meters 40 Meters
Range (mobile) 30-35 km (18-21 mi) 25-30 km (15-18 mi)
Mode AFSK (F2D) AFSK (F2D)
Bitrate 1200bps 1200bps
Computer Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B) Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B)
Modem TNC-Pi TNC-Pi
Software Aprx v2.9.0 Aprx v2.9.0

PI1SHB have a lot of features :
– Digipeater (New-N Paradigm)
– iGate
– Diversity RX
– DX messages if there is a station direct heard further than 60 km (on 2m) and 30 km (on 70cm).
– Every 10 minutes a local repeater object beacon for PI2SHB or PI6SHB.
– Every 20 minutes a local club object beacon for PI4SHB, PI4OSS or PI4TIL.

A view from the equipment :
– 12 volt power supply
– 2x Kenwood TM-V7 dual-bander (VHF & UHF)
– Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B)
– 2x TNC-Pi (linked by Parallel ATA cable)

PI1SHB Diamond X300N

Mobile coverage on 2m

PI1SHB 2m mobile coverage

Mobile coverage on 70cm

PI1SHB 70cm mobile coverage