2 meter WebSDR receiver at PI2SHB

Today we installed a new server at PI2SHB to replace the Raspberry Pi.
Now we’ve a lot more CPU power to run applications for APRS, EchoLink and a new WebSDR on the 2 meter band !

2 meter WebSDR @ PI2SHB


Interlink PI2SHB – PI1SHB

9th of July 2016, a few weeks ago when we replaced the antenna for PI1SHB and added an extra antenna for 2.4 GHz to make an interlink connection between the locations from PI1SHB and PI2SHB.

Last weekend we were at the PI2SHB location to place the other 2.4 GHz antenna for the interlink connection.

The white flat building afar is the location where PI1SHB is located, the distance in a direct line of sight is 2,15 km (1,33 mi).
View to PI1SHB

Albert (PA3GCO) and Paul (PE1LXX) preparing the antenna and coax cable.

PI2SHB Antenna + Wi-Fi Antenna

Using laptop to see how strong the signal is and to set the antenna in the right direction.

PI2SHB Repeater 2016

The Wi-Fi interlink connection works immediately and the signal is strong enough for a stable connection between the locations.
Now we need some time to test, and hope to add new features soon !

Maintanance at PI2SHB

12th of June 2016, PI2SHB was not operational today due maintanance on the repeater.
There was a small problem in the power supply and the problem is solved.
PI2SHB is back operational and is ready to use !


EchoLink on PI2SHB

27th of March 2016, after a few weeks of thinking how we can realise EchoLink on PI2SHB we now have a test setup !

The hardware we use for the test setup is :
– Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B)
– Homemade interface
– USB soundcard
– USB to RS232 serial converter
– 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi external antenna
– Kenwood TM-451E

The EchoLink controller software is SvxLink (made by SM0SVX in Sweden), and have a lot of features.

In the next few weeks we want to tweak the settings and hope to realise a 24/7 EchoLink connection on PI2SHB.

Below you see some pictures about our test setup.

Raspberry Pi 2 test

The Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B) with TNC-Pi and USB soundcard and Wi-Fi dongle.

Wi-Fi antenna test

The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi antenna.

Interface test

The homemade interface to connect the tranceiver with the controller.

PI2SHB new frequency

28th of November 2015, we changed the frequency of PI2SHB, the analogue 70cm voice repeater for ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
To maintain and hold the licence we were told by the Dutch Telecom Agency to change the repeater frequency.
We’ve changed the frequency from 430.2375 MHz to 430.1750 MHz.
There for we had to overcome the problem of the x-tal based oscillator.
For the moment it runs on a PLL system, but soon it wil be replaced with a dedicated x-tal based LO.

Old Crystal